Opened to the public in April 2004, the new Marian Koshland Science Museum uses engaging, interactive exhibits to bring to life the numerous reports conducted by the prestigious National Academies every year. The museum program requires each exhibit be designed to travel, allowing the "Koshland's" exhibits to be shared with other institutions and to rotate in new exhibits on current Academies reports.

Wonders Of Science

Take a look at recent research helping to unravel some of the greatest mysteries of the universe. See how scientists, studying phenomena at every scale, are finding that the rules governing the structure and behavior of atoms also govern the structure and behavior of stars and galaxies. An introductory film highlights one of the key questions currently inspiring some of the most interesting and amazing discoveries today: What is the universe made of ? Nearby, interactive kiosks offer more in-depth information on the film's concepts, such as dark matter, dark energy, and the shared properties of all things. Visitors can manipulate satellite-based images of the Earth's lights at night and view an animation of DNA replication.

A Hackley / Bowman Project

  Global Warming Facts and Our Future


  Infectious Disease


  Putting DNA to Work


  Wonders of Science & Museum Lobby

    Storied Science


Koshland Science Museum

       National Academy Of Sciences-National Academies


Intel Museum

       Intel Corporation-Corporate Headquarters


Feeling The Heat:The Climate Challenge

       Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography


    Involving Children


The "Climate Challenge" Interactives

       Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography


Water and Energy Conservation

       Los Angeles Department of Water & Power


Alpine Pond Education Center

       David C. Daniels Nature Center

    Discovering History & Culture


Corporate History Gallery

       Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Corporate Headquarters


El Alma Del Pueblo (The Soul Of The People)

       Los Angeles Craft & Folk Art Museum


Reagan Room

       Aboard The USS Ronald Reagan-Northrop Grumman


Technology Timeline

       Cisco Systems-International Executive Briefing Center

    On The World Stage


Discover Navajo: People Of The Fourth World

       Navajo Nation Pavilion-2002 Winter Olympics


FIFA World Cup Soccer

       Environmental Signage Masterplan-Proposal


Information Age: People, Information & Technology

       Smithsonian-National Museum Of American History


The NFL Experience On Tour

       National Fan-Fest Touring Event

    Enlightened Media & Graphics


Interactive Media



Identity & Branding



Print Ads



Publications, Periodicals & Proposals



Smart & Fun Charts & Diagrams